Medical Non Woven

Medical & Safety Industry

Surya SS medical & safety wear Non Woven fabrics are recognised best in India for Doctor's Mask, Doctor's Cap, Bouffant Cap, Surgeon's Cap, Shoe cover & Safety Mask etc. No wonder that some of the Top Indian manufacturer of Medical and safety disposables...

Non Woven Hygeine Industries

Hygeine Industry

Hygiene products like Diapers, sanitary pad are very dynamic consumer products in terms of consumer preferences, seasonal demand, market penetrations and price points, this makes it challenging for a Non Woven manufacturer to survice.

Agriculture Industries

Agriculture Industry

Non woven fabrics offer proven benefits for crop protection, yet its usage in India is at a nascent stage . We belive this can be a game changer for horlticulture sector which is not so attractive option at present for many Indian farmers due to...

Packaging & Shopping Bags

Packaging & Shopping Bags

When we think of packaging… print quality & weight carrying capacity comes first to our mind. Realising this fact, we at Surya Textech have been focusing on both attributes. Therefore in the last 10 years our fabric has evolved and become the first choice for customers...